Rutgers Student Discounts in New Brunswick

By Krista Bobrowski

All colleges have something in common, even though we do not like to admit it: the majority of students are broke. Students make up a huge demographic for businesses that surround college campuses. So, the businesses reel students in with their promise of savings by offering discounts or different options of payment for the vast majority of the business during the school year, A.K.A college students.

Rutgers students are especially targeted because with up to 60,000 students in attendance right smack dab in the middle of Hub City, establishments of all kind are dying to get our business. Here, I have laid out some of the places in New Brunswick and Piscataway to help people just like me who want more bang for their buck.

New Brunswick has plenty of bars and restaurants within a two-mile radius that offer discounts on certain days. For those of you who are 21 and over, there are bars that exist beyond Easton Ave offering great discounts in exchange for a great time without making your bank account cry.

World of Beer on George St. has 25 percent off your entire bill on Thirsty Thursdays and with Thursday night football $3 draft specials, you can spend virtually nothing and actually afford to tip your server. Who would have thought?

With great selections of craft beer and food, you cannot go wrong with this sort of deal. I suggest the shrimp tacos. They’re quite delectable.

George Street Ale House on George Street has a similar deal on Thursdays with 15 percent off all food and drinks with so many different events going on like karaoke and painting parties. They have a great variety of domestic and craft beers with an amazing food menu.

The Old Bay is a restaurant complete with a bar that gives debatably one of the best atmospheres in New Brunswick. With it’s New Orleans theme, there’s no doubt the half price apps and 25 percent off drinks during happy hour will be sure to make you and your wallet very happy. Just be sure to wear some sort of purple, yellow, or green because it’s lame not to participate in the festivities that is Faux Marti Gras.

For those of you who aren’t 21, thank you for bearing with me throughout this blog post. I know it’s hard enough already to not be able to go to the iconic bars around here, but soon enough. You’ll be thanking me that I told you this set of information for your future drunken escapades with a real id.

The Counter on George Street is a gourmet burger place that has endless toppings and options. Not only do they have several toppings for burgers, but for milkshakes as well.  It’s the perfect combination of calories and carbs.

Just when you think this place couldn’t get any better, they accept RU Express as a form of payment, which is great news for those who have their parents put money on their card.

With the fall and winter months approaching, those who fear becoming pale need to know their prayers have been answered in the form of savings. Bachi Hair & Spa on Easton Ave offers specials for students including $5 one time tanning sessions and $100 three-month membership. You’re welcome.

Rutgers Cinema on Livingston campus offers HUGE savings for Rutgers students for movie tickets. Movie ticket prices are skyrocketing, but have no fear, you can still go and see a blockbuster hit without taking a hit to your wallet with prices ranging from $5.50-7 depending on what time you go.

Houlihan’s on Rt. 1 by the Henderson bus stop on Cook Douglas offers a whopping 10 percent off Rutgers students’ bills. Take an F or EE to the Henderson Apartment and walk past the Sears parking lot to get to Houilhan’s. It’s perfect for people who do not have cars on campus and are sick of dining hall food.

Sparks Hair Design on Easton Ave offers $5 off a haircut for Rutgers students and an opportunity to get $10 off your next haircut if you refer Sparks to a friend. They just underwent renovations over the summer so they are well equipped to cut and style men and women’s hair. This will be good to keep in mind when you look in the mirror before for job interviews, formals, and homecoming weekend activities and see your hair in dire need for some TLC.

NJ Transit also offers an option to have 25 percent off the monthly transit pass if you apply online. This is perfect to get if you have an internship anywhere out of New Brunswick or live outside of New Brunswick.

The moral of the story here is be proud of the reputation you have as a cheap, poor, college student because there are so many deals you can get just for taking classes. All you do is show your student id and rack in savings. Milk this while you can because as soon as graduation hits, you’re going to have to pay full price for a lot of things. I shudder at the thought of it.