Benson’s Smokin’ Barbecue

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Located at the Farmer’s Market on Cook-Douglass only a block away from the Cabaret Theater stop, there is a local stand called Benson’s Barbecue that sells a variety of Southern-style wood-smoked barbecue that you can smell as the meat is freshly grilled in front of your eyes. Personally made by the owner, Life Benson, I had the opportunity to taste the BBQ Parfait, also referred to as the “sundae in a cup.” It is a cup filled with a layer of coleslaw, then a combination of pulled pork and chicken, then another layer of coleslaw, and then another layer of the barbecued meat, and one more layer of coleslaw. The meat is perfectly marinated enough to be savory in your mouth, and the coleslaw brings a freshness to your mouth as it is a perfect balance between vegetables and meat. The taste is filled with flavor and is perfect for the fall season.Benson gets his vegetables from the Farmers Market ( to make his fresh salads and coleslaw.  Benson refers to his coleslaw, as “ain’t no joke,” because of the fresh crunchiness of the cabbage and the light sauce mixed in it with it to compliment well with the meat. In a few weeks, Benson will have his own kitchen in Somerset, on Route 27.

If interested, check out Farmer’s Market at

To call for orders, or questions contact: 732-794-7922 or email Life Benson